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    I am attempting to export the locations to CSV. I choose “Export All, Download CSV” and the site spins for a while, and then stops.  Where does this file go if successful? My guess is the export is not working.




    Thanks for using the forums. You need to designate where the Download file will be saved on your local computer, you might need to look at what your server is doing with downloads and your security settings. FOR MORE INFORMATION : Export

    Using the forums to ask questions helps eliminate redundancy. Posting in the forum allows us to be more efficient with our time and thorough with our answers. Forums will get you a quicker response but only if you can provide us with details as outlined in the various “Read this and “posting guidelines at the top of the forum pages.
    Looking for Technical Support?

    There have been some major releases.

    Thank you for using Store Locator Plus.

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    @cici – I never get any option asking me where to export the files.  I literally check the box next to the stores, go up to “Export All, Download CSV” and then it spins for a while and then stops… that is it.



    Could you please provide the information from the posting guidelines about your plugin environment. I cannot troubleshoot without additional information,  did you check the Troubleshooting guidelines and the Server settings >?



    @cici – Here is the additional information…

    SLP version 4.3.03

    Enhanced Results 4.3

    Pro Pack 4.3

    Tagalong 4.3

    MySQL Version 5.5.40

    PHP Version 5.4.42

    PHP Limit 256M

    WordPress General Limit 40M

    Wordpress Admin Limit 256M

    PHP Peak RAM: 14MB

    PHP Post Max Size 192M

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    Go through the Troubleshooting guide, there is something on your end preventing it, I can not reproduce something like that from the support forums unfortunately. I believe it may be a server issue.

    Try to export only a few in the file and see if the file size might be your issue. There is some troubleshooting under the Export documentation that will direct you to look under the Import, Large Lists section.

    Large Lists Import Export issues

    If all else fails and you need someone to sign on as an administrator you can ask for that option under Paid Support.
    P.S. SLP release 4.3.06 is out, it fixes some bugs in Map, it shouldn’t have any effect on the export though.

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