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    Hi I am working on a rebuild of our site and just purchased the premiere subscription so I can do a full setup of store locator.  However I cannot find how to export my existing locations from my previous wordpress installation.  On my locations page I only see an option to Import.  The old site is running the latest of SLP but the legacy add-ons.

    From what I’ve seen the Pro Pack was what allowed the export but I can no longer activate the propack on my old site after the last update to SLP.  So how can I migrate my locations?  I’d really prefer not to manually re-enter our 80 stores by hand.  Thanks.



    All you have to do is go into your old site’s  account and download  version 4.5.07 of Pro Pack. That has Export included.

    Export was introduced with an earlier version of  Pro Pack. I do not know which versions of SLP or ProPack  you had (Please refer to the Posting guidelines, you can provide a screenshot of your old site if that is the one you have questions about)




    You say to download an older version of ProPack to be able to export? Well how does that happen? I need to export my locations ASAP, and the only ProPack you allow me to download is the current one with no export. Please HELP!




    I am confused now.

    You do not need to download and use ProPack unless you are running OLDER WP version (Power requires 4.4 or higher)

    I wasnt suggesting you download an old version of ProPack, you didnt provide your versions or what add-ons you had enabled or WP versions etc, your plugin environment,

    , its up to you  either use ProPack the current version (4.6.4) or Power version 4.6.xx

    Yes,  ProPAck was disabled when you updated  SLP to  4.5.08 ,  but as announced with  two separate posts in July there was a newer version and  it  only needed to be re-downloaded from your account.

    Store Locator Plus 4.5.08 And Related Changes


    BUT if you have Power on your site. then follow the export instructions. Go to Locations, Management/bulk actions see attached image

    The updates were  announced back in July a few times, also forum posts and it is in documentation under FAQ

    So you have two options.

    1) If your site is NOT running version WP 4.4. or higher, download the PROPACK  LEGACY from your account, it will be version 4.6.4.  It is compatible with latest versions of SLP and can be used on older WP version.

    2) If you have WP version 4.4 or higher, download and activate Power. It will auto disable ProPAck and the other Legacy add-ons (see the comparison chart in FAQ)  Then go to Locations Management and under BULK actions select export csv

    I double checked your account .  You have all the Legacy versions of add-ons plus Power plus third party , plus experience add-on. The Export function in Power  is under bulk Actions.

    Please read about how to export here

    If you are saying export function is totally missing with Power and you transferred your site then you may have done something wrong and not transferred all the files,,, read here. 

    If you have further questions or issues Please provide a screen shot of your Plugin Environment.  (see posting guidelines)


    As far as moving between sites see this FAQ



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