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    I have purchased these add-ons:

    • Enhanced Search
    • Enhanced Map
    • Extended Data Manager
    • Pro Pack

    I’m trying to add an extra field within the Extended Data Manager and have it display within the bubble. The data is called Facebook (with a slug of facebook). I want the Facebook URL to be wrapped within a URL tag and the title of the anchor to be Facebook.

    I cannot get this field to display in the bubble within the map. I have attached a screenshot of my extended data and the short-code I’m using. What am I doing wrong?


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    You know that there is a Social Media Extender?  for SLP.



    Please provide your Plugin environment when posting per the guidelines.  thanks



    Sorry about that. Here are the plugin environment details. Since the website is still in production, I can’t post the URL of the site directly.

    Let me know if my short-codes look incorrect in the screenshots above.

    Thank you so much for the help.

    Store Locator Plus Version:4.3.15

    Enhanced Map:4.3

    Enhanced Search:4.3.01

    Extended Data Manager:4.3

    Pro Pack:4.3.02


    This Info Cached:1446652822

    WordPress Version:4.3.1

    Site URL:http://sertoma.wpengine.com


    MySQL Version:5.6.26

    PHP Version:5.5.9-1ubuntu4.14


    PHP Limit:256M

    WordPress General Limit:40M

    WordPress Admin Limit:256M

    PHP Peak RAM:43 MB

    PHP Post Max Size:100M

    PHP Modules:



    [40] => apache2handler

    [7] => bcmath

    [8] => bz2

    [9] => calendar

    [0] => Core

    [10] => ctype

    [44] => curl

    [1] => date

    [11] => dba

    [12] => dom

    [2] => ereg

    [30] => exif

    [14] => fileinfo

    [15] => filter

    [16] => ftp

    [45] => gd

    [17] => gettext

    [13] => hash

    [19] => iconv

    [46] => imagick

    [47] => imap

    [61] => ionCube Loader

    [48] => json

    [49] => ldap

    [3] => libxml

    [20] => mbstring

    [50] => mcrypt

    [51] => memcache

    [52] => memcached

    [60] => mhash

    [53] => mysql

    [54] => mysqli

    [4] => openssl

    [5] => pcre

    [43] => PDO

    [55] => pdo_mysql

    [29] => Phar

    [22] => posix

    [56] => readline

    [42] => redis

    [23] => Reflection

    [41] => runkit

    [21] => session

    [25] => shmop

    [26] => SimpleXML

    [27] => soap

    [28] => sockets

    [18] => SPL

    [57] => ssh2

    [24] => standard

    [31] => sysvmsg

    [32] => sysvsem

    [33] => sysvshm

    [34] => tokenizer

    [35] => wddx

    [36] => xml

    [37] => xmlreader

    [58] => xmlrpc

    [38] => xmlwriter

    [59] => xsl

    [62] => Zend OPcache

    [39] => zip

    [6] => zlib


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    to use extended data manager shortcodes you first need to identify the field such as this below: In my example I have the extended data field “green eco” yours would be facebook…as far as wrapping the html , please refer to the shortcodes list .

    <span id="slp_bubble_extended_data"><span class="slp_result_extended_data slp_result_Green eco">[slp_location green_eco]</span>

    The Social Media Extender is your best bet to add the social media such as Facebook with the interface and hooks and filters already done. You can then add the SME locationb to appear in your map bubble.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by  Cici.


    I’m using the Extended Data Manager extension because I will have multiple extra fields (not just Facebook), that will need to appear on the location bubble.

    I have tried using the short-codes above and it still is not appearing. Is there anything else that I can do to accomplish this?

    If I provide you WordPress and FTP credentials to a staging environment, is this something you and your team can look into? If so, what’s the best place to provide these credentials.

    Let me know. Thanks!



    Hi terry,
    You can go through the email 1 or 3 biz days for support link. Or you can hold off until a developer can look at it.
    As far as your other extended data fields, did you test them out?  Try adding one of the extended data fiields that does not have an html link wrapped into it, as shown in my example. 

    You need to have the

    span class slp_bubble_extended_data

    as shown in my example    that has to be in their no matter what you are using as the slug. I didn’t see that in your screenshot.



    Yes. Attached are some more screenshots.

    Let me know if you see anything wrong or if I should email support.

    Again, thank you for all of the support!!

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    Hi Terry,
    I had a chance recently to talk to Lance about your set-up. It is on his radar now. I was having a difficult time explaining things, as a result he told me that he needs to look at whats going on behind the scenes. Sorry for the miscommunication, thought I had the solution.



    P.S. I see this on his 4.3.19 SLP next update so keep your fingers crossed.



    P.S. This is the way it’s “supposed” to work:

    [slp_location data.]

    For example:

    [slp_location data.contact]

    [slp_location data.facebook_custom_url] (for someone that added a field named Facebook Custom URL).


    Lance Cleveland

    @cici – [slp_location data.<extended_data_slug>] has been in the product for a while now.   It can be used in the current 4.3.10+ production release to output extended data fields.



    Thanks! That worked perfectly.

    Do you guys know if there is a way to have the label of the Extended Data appear if it is filled out and hidden if the field is blank?

    Thanks again for all the help.



    I’ve tried implementing some jQuery that would check to see if that field was empty, but the jQuery isn’t affecting the content within the map bubble.

    Thanks again.



    Hi terry, Lance has fixed the whole extended data issue, so check out both 4.3.19 and Contact extender 4.3.01. If you could test it in the prerelease form that would be great as well, Lance is testing it now.



    Will do!

    Does the 4.3.19 version apply to the main Store Locator Plus plugin or the Extended Data Manager add-on?

    Thanks again!



    Hi Terry, 4.3.19 failed a test, so it became 4.3.20. That is the MAIN SLP base Plugin but it interfaces with all the add-ons, the info blog and tutorial video was just published. Extended Data Manager doesn’t need to be updated. Contact Ex does. (if you ahve tha installed as well)

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