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    We ( recently started using the Power version of SLP. We use it to provide a “meeting finder” to our members of 400+ meetings in our area. We need members to be able to search by: City, Time of Meeting (Morning/Afternoon/Evening), Category (of which we have many) and day of week (for which we were using Tagalong). Day of week IS now working, but none of the other search filters are working anymore. I’ve posted here before regarding our website: https://www.<span id=”0.6680687214138026″ class=”highlight” style=”background-color: #ffee94;”>store</span><span id=”0.37159518009200365″ class=”highlight” style=”background-color: #ffee94;”>forum</span>s/topic/tagalong-not-working-anymore/#post-43127



    That link didn’t work. It was this discussion:


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    Okay, so obviously links don’t work.




    Could you please provide your Plugin environment per the Posting Guidelines whenever you post a new post?

    I  see the previous conversations, I visited your site, I searched by city, by meeting type by day.  What exactly isn’t working? I searched with a few different criteria and it seemed to be working. Is it that the city selected isnt showing only that city? Have you adjusted the radius behavior and distance?

    The search by city is not coming from the Tagalong or Power add-on. That is part of the Experience Add-on or Enhanced Search, or Widgets

    the Power add-on and SLP are being tested on 4.6.3 now.  See the @locatorplus tweets on the sidebar of the forum. The developer is updating everyone  as he is working.

    I noted in your last post that you also have all the Enhanced add-ons and they were also legacy.  All of those are part of the Experience add-on now.

    You have a lot of variables in that site to mix and match with a complex search filter, it might not be the best way to handle what you are trying to accomplish.

    I cannot recreate it since I am using Experience Add-on.  With that many variables in your search I cant tell you where to look other than the radius behavior settings, the search by distance . etc.

    The Experience Add-on grouped Enhanced Search, Enhanced Results, Enhanced Maps and Widgets together and that is where any patches or updates will occur. Those add-ons all work some piece of the jigsaw puzzle and are reliant on each others settings, thus why they are now grouped together. (see FAQ Legacy vs new features add ons)

    If you have the Power Add-on, and also need all the Enhanced Add-ons, have you considered just updating to the Premier subscription?  Premier provides you ALL the updates, the newest versions, additional features not found in the other add-ons , access to the Premier support forum (answered first)  and a chance to be invited to Slack  where you can find the developer most days .

    Send an email to support if you would like to discuss getting a discount coupon for Premier. I think it might save you a lot of time and effort if you are  trying to keep multiple add-ons updated.

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