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    I have bought the Pro Pack, Contact Extender and Enhance Results – all I want to do is to show a first name and last name  in the results.

    1. I added a First Name and Last Name col to the CSV file and imported but the data did not import into those fields – but everything else did.


    2. I cant figure out how to get the first name and last name to display even if I put the data in manually. I know I have to change the results layout code but I cant tell what the field names are ? Help!



    1. I have figured how to import the name of the field when importing the CSV col names on the CSV file should be:



    2. I have also figured out that if I edit the results listing and put in [slp_location first_name] [slp_location last_name] the names will display in the listing but not in the map. I presume I have to buy the enhanced map plugin to get them to display.




    Hi Jason. With Enhanced Map, you can customize the info bubble layout, including showing or hiding location data.

    I would assume this means you can display first_name in the info bubble, but I’ve not confirmed this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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