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    My client has several hundred locations all over the world. I have the map set up to search by postal code or by country selector. My client has noticed a weird bug–if you enter 56420 (a French zip code), you get results from several European countries but not France.

    Here’s the plugin environment:
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Store Locator Plus Version:</span>4.3.20</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Enhanced Results:</span>4.3.02</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Enhanced Search:</span>4.3.01</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Pro Pack:</span>4.3.02</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Tagalong:</span>4.3.01</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>This Info Cached:</span>1447257837</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>WordPress Version:</span>4.3.1</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Site URL:</span></p&gt;
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>MySQL Version:</span>5.5.43</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Version:</span>5.4.42</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Limit:</span>256M</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>WordPress General Limit:</span>40M</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>WordPress Admin Limit:</span>256M</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Peak RAM:</span>14 MB</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Post Max Size:</span>65M</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Modules:</span></p>

        [8] => apc
        [9] => bcmath
        [10] => calendar
        [49] => cgi-fcgi
        [0] => Core
        [11] => ctype
        [12] => curl
        [1] => date
        [13] => dba
        [14] => dom
        [2] => ereg
        [39] => exif
        [16] => fileinfo
        [17] => filter
        [18] => ftp
        [19] => gd
        [20] => gettext
        [15] => hash
        [22] => iconv
        [23] => imagick
        [24] => json
        [3] => libxml
        [25] => mbstring
        [26] => mcrypt
        [48] => memcache
        [50] => mhash
        [27] => mysql
        [28] => mysqli
        [4] => openssl
        [5] => pcre
        [30] => PDO
        [31] => pdo_mysql
        [32] => pdo_sqlite
        [36] => Phar
        [34] => pspell
        [35] => Reflection
        [29] => session
        [37] => SimpleXML
        [38] => soap
        [21] => SPL
        [6] => sqlite3
        [33] => standard
        [40] => tokenizer
        [41] => wddx
        [42] => xml
        [43] => xmlreader
        [44] => xmlrpc
        [45] => xmlwriter
        [46] => xsl
        [47] => zip
        [7] => zlib
    Any ideas?


    Oh, a couple of things I forgot to mention that I think might be relevant:

    1. There is no location in the 56420 zip code, although there are about 40 in France
    2. When I search 56420 on Google Maps, it immediately points me to France

    Thank you!



    Funny you should mention this Emily. Lance and I were just discussing this exact issue yesterday. In fact the 4.3.20 update with the “call query fallback” is meant to assist exactly that.  The bug is not a plugin or a SLP bug. It is the geocode function of the Google Map API. The Google MAPs that you and I search using our browser, without a Locator or third party, is not the same Map API that Google uses for the Google public maps, I know this may not make sense, but suffice to say, SLP had a commercial license with Google for Business. The developers basically responded to our queries with : Google MAPS has a different set of algorithms and information, i,.e geocoding updates than anyone else….it doesn’t matter who is using the map. You do not get the same Google Map that you can access only through Google Maps. I hope this makes sense.  It didn’t to me at first until I equated it to an experience I had in a program where what was sold to other countries wasn’t the same as what the US was using.

    More information, Lances Blog part two about Google API and about the addition to 4.3.20 for his recent video



    Hi Cici,

    Yes, that makes complete sense. Thank you for your thorough answer!

    To be clear, the fix in 4.3.20 will only be a fix for the initial load, if I’m looking at an international audience, correct? The funny thing is, the map is actually already centered on a French location. It’s very odd that Google wouldn’t return a French zip code when the map is set to default to France.

    Do you have any other thoughts on how I might be able to fix this? Again, thank you for all the info!



    Unfortunately my thoughts on what Google is doing with their “proprietary” data answer as far as purposefully misdirecting or lagging in their updates is probably not printable.  The fallbacks is only applicable when their is no results coming back because :”google is busy”  and wants to dump you off the coast of Africa  Every single time that someone does a search Google is queried. No matter what is in your map or database.

    The developers have worked a ton of work around magic to try and second guess googles results.  Their is a Google Influenced Guesses as part of the Premier subscription. If your map is only France, you might try the Append search method in the Enhanced search as well. Info about the append search feature




    That makes sense–thank you for the Premier subscription suggestion. I noticed that the subscription says it “starts” at $30/month. What dictates an increase? I want to make sure that if I make this recommendation to my client, I’m clear with them about what they should get. Thanks!



    $30 a month plus the set up fee or you can pay for the annual upfront fee which saves you a little bit of money. I do not know if Premier will increase in price at a future date but it has not been discussed at this time and I don’t see that happening in the near future.

    The set up fee would be discounted if you have purchased other addons in the past year, you would just need to contact us and request the discount code. There are some features that are only available through Premier subscription. There are additional features added to Premier on average once every other month or once a month.

    The Premier product page needs to be updated, There are more features that are not listed, for instance see the Info about 4.3.04

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