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    We are about to launch our new site in Australia and everything seems to be working well with Store Locator Plus.

    However one small glitch seems to be as follows…

    It seems that when we load the page the first time, the map is being loaded properly with all shops but centered on Australia.

    The browser then asks to share our geo location, and when we click “Allow Once” (or “allow always”), the map is being reloaded but without any stores.
    If you then refresh the page, everything seems to be in order (at least it was on the two PCs i’ve got here).

    Is there a bug fix for this? Can anybody help?

    Many thanks




    edit: posted to wrong topic.

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    Steve: Can you send or post the url to your site? I may be able to assist.



    Hi Aaron

    Thanks for offering to help

    The is still in a development environment  and password protected until launch

    Can I privately message the log-in details to you?




    Hi Steve, you can email them to me, “csa” at the domain inperience dot com

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