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    Google Maps API settings have had some updates.

    We can currently only get either maps or geocoding to work, not both.

    If we create a Google API key with a Key restriction of HTTP referrers, displaying the google map with SLP shortcode will work but geocoding locations will not (geocoding error is attached).

    When generating a <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Google API key with a Key restriction of an IP address I can geocode a location, but the map will not show (with a popup saying the site most likely needs a google maps api key).</span>

    It seems that we will have to generate two API’s for each site. However, there is currently only room to enter just a browser key.

    Would you please add a spot for two keys or let us know if the problem lies elsewhere?

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    Hi Shad,

    I reviewed articles and the Developers console in Google and there have been no recent changes that we are aware of.   I saw a post in stack overflow about this same error message. When I relayed it to lance he said he knew exactly what the issue is and Google knows about this issue,….Did you check off the Options

    See the screen shot in the Getting Started Google API keys

    In the screenshot under Step 3, see where the arrow points to leave this blank…it is the restriction for certain domains or IP addresses…Leave it blank or you will get the error message. Lance did the same thing.

    I did read a techie article about this, I have sent it to Lance.

    (It isnt really a work around for most people. )

    The quickest way of resolving this is simply to remove the domain restriction and wait 5 minutes for Google’s servers to catch up. This is not ideal or secure since it opens up your key to quota thieves.”




    Thanks for the info, but like you said not really a viable workaround to set restrictions to none.

    We can get the front end to work with Browser Key (the map) but are unable to Geocode Locations with Browser Key.

    When we use the Server API Key we can Geocode Locations, however the map will not display.

    So as far as a resolution, you state that that Lance knows exactly what the issue is and that Google is aware of it?   Could you or Lance please elaborate on what the issue is, so we can harass google as well 🙂



    You can chat Lance  in Slack. As you know he is the brains and can  explain it better than I, Google confuses the hell out of everyone with all their schematics and APIs and “payment plans”.

    if you search in the support for Gmaps-API Maps Issues javascript the issue was reported at least as far back as June 2015. (I see that you added your two cents worth in support as well.)  If you read through some of the suggestions, Google says “remove your restrictions and then are you able to …blah blah…” Well yeah, we know that . One of the users states they have a paid API to see if that would help. nope of course not.  Lance is going to be brainstorming about this though so definitely Slack him. 🙂


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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