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    Strange behavior here.

    One location in the Store Locator shows the wrong result.


    Search for “Stroes” and postcode “1011 MK”

    The result is correct (Daniëlle Stroes, @ 52.024499 , 6.056174, De Kokkenberg, Diepesteeg 25, De Steeg , Gelderland 6994 CC, Nederland).
    When clicking on “Toon route” Google maps opens, and then switches to: Wilma Zwart, @ 51.995836 , 5.947674, Praktijk voor Zijnsoriëntatie, Tollensstraat 4, Arnhem , Gelderland 6824 NS, Nederland.

    What can be happening here?



    Erwin: I am not familiar with addresses in your country, but sometimes Google works better with one format than another. This can include abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes.


    For example, in America I might have trouble with a street name that had multiple abbreviations:

    The address: 1000 Dr. MLK Blvd. N Charleston

    can have a problem because “Dr” can mean “doctor” or “drive”. The “N”, which stands for “north” could also be part of the street name or part of the city name.

    When I input Diepesteeg 25 De Steeg, Gelderland 6994 directly into it does not return a result.

    Are there other formats of this address that you can try that Google might recognize better?



    Hi Aaron,

    It seemed that the text in the additional address line “De Kokkenberg” is unknown by Google and that’s where it went wrong. Still I don’t understand why Google then takes an other address from the Store Locator database.

    The longitude and latitude of the location are correct by the way. So why offer Google maps the whole address then?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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