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    Peter Frandsen

    After we just installed SLP + Experince + Pro-pack a couple of weeks ago and got it all up and running – we received the “urgent upgrade” mails. But before we first delete the “old” Experience AddOn, upgrade SLP to the latest version and then finally reinstall the latest Experience AddOn again – I wonder;

    What happens with all the settings / tweeks / design I already done, to get SLP just like my client want’s it from this current version?
    – Will they dissapear or are the saved in a db etc, even if I delete the “old” AddOns?

    I really do not want to go over it all again, since it’s a lot of options and takes some time to understand what everything does…

    Please advise. Thank’s 🙂



    The options , tweaks, and settings are automatically saved.    I had to do the same as you, and delete EXP.  All was good, None of my CSS nor checked options disappeared. (read Lance’s Post on the patch and the BIG WHY behind the update, follow those instructions  about updating so you dont have any fatal errors and you should be good to go)

    As far as any  custom themes or style , always follow WP  best practices . Upgrading and/or patches to Store Locator Plus will not overwrite your custom style assuming you created them with a new name. If you simply change an existing css or theme file it will likely be overwritten with the SLP original saved copy when you upgrade to a new version. Check to make sure you have a unique name for your custom plug-in style or theme.

    To prevent losing work when upgrading, SLP recommends creating your own CSS file names versus modifying the styles provided by the plug-in.

    When in doubt, do have a back-up. (Which I am sure you do as a developer of sites for paying customers)




    Peter Frandsen


    Thank’s Cici for the info, now I can go ahead and update everything without fear of loosing my work. 🙂



    Awesome Peter,

    Thank you for being a great customer and providing the feedback.  If you are “uber” satisfied with the plugin and the support, please consider leaving a five star rating on the Maps by Store Locator Plus review tab in WP. (you can also just click on that link in your SLP admin bar under Info or anywhere on the SLP home page. .)




    Peter Frandsen

    FYI + Here are a couple of things you could improve regarding the update procedure.

    I have a WP Multisite and just started to use the SLP + addons for a client on this network. When trying to follow your instructions regarding this crucial update (EXP) it says I should first update the EXP addOn and then update SLP itself… (https://www.storelocatorplus.com/important-experience-add-on-store-locator-plus-upgrades/).

    …But this happened for me (solution included);

    1. DL the latest EXP version v4.4.02 from SLP website (non-experimental).
    Here you could show the actual version-no on the files directly on the website to help us. I had to DL the file, then unpack it, to read the ReadMe file to see which version it was!

    2. Tried to deactivate / delete old EXP addOn (v4.4.02)
    Got the WP message: “<span style=”color: #444444; font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;”>You cannot delete a plugin while it is active on the main site.”. </span>

    Then tried to deactivate / delete it from both site local and on a Super admin level. Did not work.

    3. UL + installed EXP addOn (v4.4.03).
    Still old EXP addOn active. But I then got a update msg on the SuperAdmins plugin page for EXP. So I updated EXP addOn from v4.4.02 –> v4.4.03. Worked ok.

    4. Updated SLP itself fr v4.4.12 –> v4.4.17
    Seem to work ok but then I got this WP msg on the local site: “<span style=”color: #444444; font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;”>You must upgrade Experience add-on to 4.4.03 or higher or your site will crash.”</span>

    Then discovered that it had deleted my just updated plugin EXP addOn (v4.4.03)?!

    5. Reinstalled the EXP addOn (v.4.4.03)
    First now everything seems to be ok and updated as it should be. Did q quick test on my client site and everything seems to be ok and my misq changes / settings are still there (thanks Cici for the info).

    Don’t know if I get these kind of troubles just because I run a WP Mulitsite and you maybe don’t test on this type of installtion, before sending out updates + info about it? But because of this I will not give any wp star rating today… 😉



    Lance Cleveland


    I perform rudimentary testing on multisite any time there is a potentially problematic update or is code changes that uses WordPress functions that operate differently on multisite (there are only a couple dozen such functions).

    We have started using multisite in a production environment for SLP with the recent launch of the SLP Demo site.   That site has been online for the last couple of releases of SLP, Experience, and Pro.

    I too had all sorts of issues with upgrading and activating plugins on multisite.   They were NOT SLP plugins but very popular plugins from companies like Automattic.

    In my experience having activated a single plugin at the site level vs. the network level caused all kinds of issues when I later tried to update that plugin.   Trying to change site-level plugins to network-level was even more problematic; even worse I couldn’t seem to upgrade the plugins on either the network or site level.    After many failed update attempts I ended up manually backing up the content I wanted to keep around and deleted the entire multisite install to start over.   The second time around I made EVERTHING network level installs and activations and have had zero problems since then.

    I understand the concept behind network and site level activation.   Great idea.   It just doesn’t seem to play well when you start mixing-and-matching the two when it comes to plugin activation and upgrades.    Now I only use network-level activation for all plugins on both the demo site and the upcoming Store Locator Plus Documenation site we are working on.  It seems , so far anyway, to have far fewer issues when it comes to plugin upgrades.   I can even get my SLP and other plugin updates to run automatically and without incident.

    I understand that network-level activation may not be an option for all multisite deployments, but something deep in the WordPress plugin management system seems to get very confused when doing site-level deployment but network-level upgrades.    Or, more likely, I’m simply not versed enough on the multisite architecture to understand the whys-and-hows of multisite plugin management.     It maybe possible I missed a step and needed to deactivate (and/or delete) the plugins on each site, then do the network upgrades?    All I know for certain is after 2 hours of messing with it I decided it faster to delete it all and start over.

    I can say that SLP with the Pro Pack and Experience add-on are working fine in the several multisite configurations I setup including the production demo site and several test sites.  Even with the recent 4.4.03 Experience and SLP 4.4.17 updates.     The base plugin and add-on packs follow standard WordPress architecture for the update process.   SLP, Experience, and Pro Pack should all install and update just like any other WordPress plugin.

    Sorry you had trouble with the update process.     Hopefully things run smoothly from here-on-out.



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