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    I need some help… I am wondering how to set the search for locations just in North America. For example if I put a location of London, it shows no locations in London, England, when I want it to show locations for London, Ontario, Canada. All our locations are in Canada and USA. How can I just search these countries? I have looked and cannot find a way.

    Thank you in advance…



    Lance Cleveland

    There is no direct way to do that.

    Enhanced Search provides options to show a drop down with countries and a “discrete mode” to only return matches in those locations.

    Enhanced Search also has a “Worldwide / Current Map” setting for map influence.

    There is also an “append this to all user-entered addresses” option such as adding “USA” to all addresses they enter, however that won’t work as well if you need US/Canada. I’ve not played with that setting using something like “North America”.

    To make it more challenging, Google recently (this week) changed their address search algorithm so now some US zip codes send you to some far away land even when your Google Maps domain is set to USA (or Canada).

    Working on some new features to help with this best I can, but the technology is somewhat beholden to Google services at the moment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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