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    In bulk uploading from a CSV file, how can we have the system delete any entries/locations that are not present in the CSV that we are uploading?

    Location page:

    Thanks I really appreciate your help.

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    You want to reset your locations so that only the locations in your CSV file are loaded is that correct?

    In  other words, if they are present you want them to be updated, if they aren’t present you want to add the new locations, and then based on the csv file  “automatically delete ones that aren’t there”

    There is no way to do that with import.

    If you want a clean slate to start with you can use Bulk actions and delete all BEFORE Importing.

    If you don’t want to delete All, you must check off the locations you do want to delete and use the bulk action delete permanently.




    But if I understand your question, and after speaking to the developer,  it could be a possible enhancement or feature that could be added in a future release of the Power Add-on or Premier.  Unfortunately there will be no updates to the ProPack (Legacy) add-on.

    Another alternative he  thought of..if you have locations that you no longer want to be shown in results, (for instance you no longer want them featured ) you could  export and keep them in your CSV file but add the column header private to mark them private, they would then be hidden. They would still be in your location manager database just not show in your results.




    Thank you for your reply. Yes you understood my question correctly.

    It would be great to have that eventually added in the future.

    Now that you bring up the topic of Power Add-on or Premier, we are interested in buying the Power Add-on. I’m looking on your website here ( Is the bullet list of Premier features all NOT included with the Power Add-on?




    I would like to add that we tried deleting the entire list of locations followed by attempting to upload the CSV file to add 700+ locations. Both times we some sort of server or website error. The first time resulted in 1,500+ locations counted. The second time the site now displays 900+ locations. Either scenario is more than the number of locations in the CSV file.

    In your opinion, would you recommend that we buy the Power Add-on for $250 and hope that that newer plugin will handle the bulk upload of 700+ locations better or correctly?





    Hi Chijo,

    There are other things that can impact the load of your csv files.  The Power add-on will make your loads quicker but if you have not set up the import correctly it will not help your situation.

    Are you checking off the update handling so that it does not duplicate?   It sounds like you are adding duplicates (see the documentation)

    (There are more tool tips about importing  in the documentation site under Power and under FAQ)

    When importing select under Duplicate handling to either “Skip, add  or update”  If you do not specify it will ADD by default even if the location already exists.

    About your questions with premier, you are correct the bullet lists is NOT included with the Power add-on or ANY other add-on. Those are exclusive features available only to Premier subscribers.

    Premier includes the Power Add-on, the Experience Add-on, Third party add-ons and the additional features as shown in the product list. (more info in the product description)




    Please note that the import runs in the background, if you do not allow enough time for it to finish up loading and start the import again, all it will do is slow down the import, hit it again, and now you have three imports running in the background. This can slow down your server and may never get to the end of your list and will create duplicates .  If you want to get your locations import to go faster, check into your server configuration to make sure you are running latest versions of PhP

    You can also select to skip geocoding .  Once  all files have imported,  you can go back to  the bulk actions and select “geocode all uncoded” , the skip geocoding and geocode later also helps if you are on a shared server where your google API max is established per IP address. (see documentation about how Google counts towards your max free limits)


    I hope these notes assist you with understanding how the import works,

    as mentioned the auto delete feature may be added in the future to wither Power or Premier , if it is something you want immediately, you can request a customization through the contact email in the customization

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