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    We’ve been using SLP for a while now and while we’re quite happy with it we’ve run into an issue lately. If a user searches just by state and selects “ID”, the abbreviation for Idaho, the map results go to Malaysia and it fails to show any of the store locations. I’ve been through all 67 Idaho locations in the DB and all of them are geocoded correctly so I know it’s not that, but I am at a loss now. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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    Chris, have you considered opening up a store in Malaysia? Just kidding of course.
    I checked your site, with your drop down menu and see that you have country selector as well as state, when I select from state drop down “ID” and also USA, it goes to Idaho. no problem. If you dont select the country it doesnt behave the way you expect.
    This has to do with the discrete filters and the radius.

    Also please add the plug-in environment information , the add-on packs, versions etc. There may have been a recent update that has added functionality. You can see what info we request in the /forums/

    Lance answered a similar question in the forums. Often you can find answers there, so you may want to use the Search forums in the future for quicker info

    Change Radius Behavior (User Experience / Search Form / Search Features section) to “Use only when address entered”.

    Change Country Selector to Dropdown / Discrete Filter.

    Change Selector Behavior to Disable Address When Using Selector.

    What This Does

    Radius Behavior = only when address entered = set an “infinite radius” from the center of your country UNLESS someone types an address in the address box. So if a user leaves the address blank it will show ALL locations (up the the maximum results you set).

    Country Selector = discrete = do a match of all locations within the database that have the country set to the exact entry shown on the drop down. Combined with Radius Behavior this will show all locations anywhere in the world that are in this country (up to the maximum results).

    Selector Behavior = Disable Address When Using Selector = do NOT allow someone to use both the country drop down AND type in an address (this can create some odd results in most cases). Since radius is set to “ignore if no address entered” this will ensure that if someone selects a country from the dropdown the address field is blanked out and thus return all locations in the selected country.

    To change the maximum results returned go under User Experience / Results and change the “Max Search Results” entry. It defaults to 25. Remember some browsers are slow and showing 2,000 locations may cause problems for your users. Leave it at a smaller number such as 25.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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