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    SLP has an image URL field for all of the store locations. Since I store all of my images in one folder, I would like to see a configuration setting in SLP that contains a field along the lines of “Default Image URL path”.

    I could then set it to something like “http://www.mywebsite/SLP-images/”

    Then when I add an image to a store location SLP could do some checking like this:

    If I enter just an image name – then concatenate it with the “Default Image URL path” and store that in the SLP database.

    If I enter a fully qualified URL – then store that in the SLP database.

    This will cut down on the chance of data entry errors when filling out the “Image URL” field but still allow you to use any URL that does not fit your default image url path.



    You can put this in the Ideas and Implementation forum if you would like



    P.S. I believe there are some Plugins that you could add that would be compatible with what you are trying to do, or you could try some customizing in your site..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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