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    First up this plugin is simply superb!  With the pro pack it can quite literally do everything I need and is superbly cusotmisable to fit my slightly bonkers WP theme (and that’s coming form someone with little web and wordpress experience other than making a about 4 sites in total!).


    So firstly thanks for making such an easy to use plugin!


    However I just have one request, it currently doesn’t seem to be possible to pull in the locations form a csv stored online.   Our client updates their locations literally every other day, so we really need to be able to import them from online and update at regular intervals.


    I’ve looked through the plugins and not seen any mention of this, is this a possibility at the moment, or are their any plans to do this in the future? As i think this is a common feature a lot of users would need.


    If you could let me know that would be great thanks.



    There is an upgrade to ProPack coming soon but it deals mostly  with Export filters.

    I do not work with bulk uploads myself and am like you, a user not the technical guru, but I think I understand your comment /request as:

    You would like to have an automatic import switch “in the cloud” to be able to spontaneously import and upload changes to locations in real time?

    The work around here that I see is:

    Use  Google Docs which will allow them to have multiple users make changes, save  and share the CSV file on the Google Drive s.  But someone , i.e. the administrator, still needs to “push” the button to import and upload the file  using ProPAck.

    If you or your client is looking to allow more users to be able to update the stores locations or perform other duties independently, you might  want to look at the UserManaged Locations add on.



    That add on allows assigning roles and capabilites beyond what is  contained in the SLP plug-in.



    I hope that helps.





    Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

    I may have to look for another plugin then as the client insists on automatic daily updates (ie loading the csv from online where they update it), and I know they won’t want to be doing daily updates themselves.


    Ah well, awesome plugin except for that 😉   It would be great to be able to load a csv from a url in the future though, might be worth thinking about adding this as a new paid for plugin on the future?


    Thanks again.



    I hope I answered you correctly. The  technical maestro and developer is on vacation right now. I can have him review and weigh in, just in case I misinterpreted what you are asking for. Also he might be able to do some customization for you, but of course that comes with a price and scheduling.


    As far as ideas and implementation or a wish list there is a forum for that too.





    Thanks, that would be great if you could.


    The plugin has been literally perfect in terms of how it works, customisation etc and even works perfectly on a scaled mobile site.  So if there was any chance of customisation to load the csv from a url instead that would be amazing!


    The site actually needs to go live next week, but if your technical wizard can let me know if this is possible, and and what cost and timeframe that would be ideal, and I might be able to hold them off with the current manual update for now 😉


    Let me know, thanks again for your help, very much appreciated!



    Lance Cleveland

    Reading online CSV files or “live” CSV files from the local drive will require product customization including a scheduling system.   It is not part of the current system.

    If you need that service it can be added via the product customization program.    It will likely take 2 code-days to accomplish that.      I like the feature, but with several paid customization projects in the queue and more coming soon it is unlikely I will get to adding that feature on my “free coding” schedule any time in the near future.





    Hi again, I’d be more than happy to pay for your time if this can be customised and setup. This plugin is superb and if you are able to customise it to grab a csv from online (currently setup on an ftp address with username and password) this would be incredible.


    Please let me know if this is something you could do on a paid basis, and what you would charge for this customisation.  Also if this is something you would be open to doing, just let me know on here, or feel free to drop me an email direct on <private email> and we can discuss costs and prices.   If it is something you are able to do, it would be great to see the customisation offered as a paid plugin in the future – and no problem with us paying for the dev of that as it’s something we may re-use in the future too.


    Thanks again.

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