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    Hey there,

    We’re looking for some guidance as to whether the two premium extensions allow for search to use description when searching (as well as the normal algorithm) and how to include it as a column in the results.

    Thanks in advance!



    Are do you already have Store Locator Plus and are you referring to the Enhanced Searchh add-on Pack or are you referring to the Premium Packages or Kitchen Sink.

    You could use ProPack to modify the CSS layout, you could also add tags with ProPack. ProPack Tags are searchable via drop down. There is also Tagalong. It all depends on what exactly you are looking to modify.

    There was another new Addon Pack released today that allows for additional; searchable data fields
    Extended Data Manager



    Thanks for the reply.

    The intention is to enhance the following page:

    We want the search box to not only look up via address, but via “description”.

    ie: Someone wants to search by the name of a mall instead of an address “Rideau Centre”.  We’ve included the information in the description portion of a location entry, but evidently that isn’t a searchable field.

    In addition to the search component, we want to list that “common name/mall/field” in the results as a column.

    Based on that, do any of the extensions to the Pro Pack (which we have a license for) allow for that?  We have no problem adding a search field that only looks at the description/common name field instead of address if that is the solution.





    You mention you have a license for ProPack, that indicates that perhaps you are running an old version of the plug-in? There have been no license keys for a few years now.

    Based on your restrictions, I am not able to offer  a solution since  you have not provided your Plug-in environment information that we request of everyone , guidance as to what we need to know is outlined in Looking for Technical Support in Forums? Information needed:





    We have ‘Store Locator Plus’ version 4.3.09. ‘SLP Enhanced Results’ 4.3.01. ‘SLP Enhanced Search’ 4.3.01. and ‘SLP Pro Pack’ 4.3.02.

    Would like to include the description field in the list of things that is searched?

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Furthering clarification:

    1) If a location has a description of “Sunshine Shopping Centre”, we would like that to be able to be searched in a separate field from address.


    2) We understand we could add “Sunshine Shopping Centre” as a tag.  With our fiddling, tags seem to be an extra filter after one enters an address or city.  Our desired user experience would be that a user would ONLY have to enter the tag to obtain results.

    Let us know if either is possible.



    Understand, Is having tags as a dropdown menu an option as opposed to user entering text?

    The Search by other fields such as description is being considered for a Premier Feature but will only be available for Premier Subscription holders is my understanding.

    A few  things  I can think of would be to use tagalong or the extended data manager

    Tagalong allows you to add categories and manage those categories. Peruse the product page and the documentation to see if that would be an option for you.

    Extended Data Manager  by Debaat  is a newer add-on. The documentation is scant on this one,  but I played around with it and found that I could manipulate the fields by adding a line  result layout to obtain the feature and extended data field I entered. I am guessing you may be able to do the same with the search layout since you seem savvy on this.  You can read about that in the Forum Post

    Thanks for using Store Locator Plus.   I hope one of these options work for you, please keep us posted.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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