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    Hello ,

    We are using the Store Locator Plus Plugin on our site to locate Our Distributors .

    We want to integrate this search with the default WordPress Search .

    Could you please let us know how the plugin works . Is it a Custom Post Type ?
    How It stores data and how it displays in search ?
    In simple words , please let us know the mechanism of this plugin so we can integrate it with WordPress Default Search Box .

    Also , let us know if it is even possible or not .

    Please see attached screenshot , we use your plugin for locating “Distributors”



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    Thanks for responding .

    What are Store Pages ? Does it mean that the plugin create a store page for each location ?

    The Add-on you mentioned allows to hook itself in WordPress Default Search ? We don’t want a separate search box for this plugin .

    Could you provide a code snippet of your plugin which we utilize in WordPress Default Search ?




    Pages is explained under the Product Page.
    There are also various videos on the Store Locator Plus channel that provides a ton of information from the developers.
    The code is Open source, you can install free SLP plugin and Inspect Elements, etc.
    If you require customization you can send an email through the Paid Customization form

    I am not sure, specifically what you are asking for, but the answer is probably too in depth for this forum

    You can also communicate though support with the Developer, he is heavily involved with the WP community.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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