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    how do i get the dropdown to list all 50 states even if i dont have locations in them.


    Also how can I separate Canada’s provinces so its not mixed in with the states



    Hi Haley,

    If you have not purchased Enhanced Search as yet please Check out the SLP Enhanced Search tools and documentation


    You can fine tune and enter labels to appear in the drop down menu(s). SLP works on the premise a specific customer store or site, or event is being searched and would be added via the manage locations panel.
    Assume if a user selects a state or province from the drop down and there are no sites added with locations in that state that they might get a No results error. But you can add anything you want to appear in the drop down menu with Enhanced Search,
    otherwise a state will not automatically appear in the drop down menu unless you have an address entered and Google is able to map it


    That would be my suggestion.



    Another suggestion would be to do this using Tagalong. You would still need to create the list yourself (CSV format, using excel or google docs) , you can then sort, categorize any way you need , and finally import.

    I do not know which add-ons you have but you would need ProPack Tagalong and Enhanced Search to do this.

    Only other option I can think of, if you do not have urgent time frame, and if you want the capability as a customized feature you would need to send a request for Paid customization to get on Lances schedule.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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