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    [reposting per a request from the paid support forum]

    We had to use the gravity forms integration plugin provided by slp in order to provide a more user friendly way for managers to create new locations (there’s no way for them to select images from the media library if adding locations directly to the admin area for example).

    It seems to work well for the most part with one exception.

    The store pages plugin, which we’re also relying on heavily, isn’t accounted for somehow in the integration, so locations created via gravity forms don’t create new store pages automatically and instead require a manager to go and click the button manually for each one after it’s been created.

    Could this be fixed please?

    WP version: 4.4.1

    SLP version: 4.4.12

    Let me know if you need more details.

    Here is the full list of plugins and the versions that are active when this happens:

    Here are the plugins and versions that I’m using:

    Store Locator Plus – 4.4.12

    Directory Builder – 4.3.02

    Enhanced Map – 4.3.01

    Enhanced Results – 4.3.02

    Enhanced Search – 4.3.01

    Extended Data Manager – 4.3

    Gravity Forms Integration – 4.3

    Gravity Forms Locations – 4.3.01

    Janitor – 4.4

    Multimap – 4.3.01

    Pages  – 4.3.02

    Premier – 4.3.04

    Pro-Pack – 4.4

    Tagalong – 4.3.03

    User Managed Locations – 4.3

    Widget Pack – 4.3.03

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    Lisa, Did DeBaat answer this question for you in the email? Please let me know if there is anything you need from DeBaat or Lance

    For others who may be reading this post, there was an email support question submitted via the contact form (not as a paid support ticket) and also posted in the Premier forum. The User Managed Locations and SLP Pages, UML permissions were updated. Pages continues to be a priority for the SLP developer.



    I actually didn’t see an email about this so haven’t heard about it being resolved.

    And to clarify, I submitted this via both the contact form and the premier support forum (#37673, as a paid support ticket), and then was told to repost it here.

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    I just tested it again and pages are still not automatically created by locations created by the gravity forms integration plugin.



    Hi Lisa,

    I have not seen a paid support ticket for this, when did you submit that? I will look in our order system.   I can understand the confusion since you are referencing both GFI and Pages, GFI is DeBaats add-on and Pages is part of the Store Locator Plus  offerings. I had notified both about this. I know that Lance, the SLP developer resolved an issue you were having with permissions , I will try to find out what the situation is with the integration of the two.



    Lisa, I cannot find a Paid Support order for you.  I do see your Premier Subscription (premier is not paid support but the Premier customers do receive first priority when addressing forum posts.

    It was a different Lisa that had emailed, and another person asking about GFI, sorry for the confusion. I will notify Debaat about this immediately.



    Hai Lisa,

    Sorry for the confusion.
    I’m working on your question and think I found how to implement this. Just need to do some testing.
    For now, I intend to publish an update over the weekend.
    Hope this is ok.



    Lisa, Did the GFI updates to 4.4.02 fix your issue?

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