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    We are very happy with Store Locator Plus for our website (sonomacider.com/find).  However, I’ve been struggling to find a good geocoder solution.  We have about 3,000 addresses in our database that we update monthly.  We expect this count to grow to over 10,000 in the next year.  At first I tried letting SLP do the geocoding on the fly, but it kept timing out and having problems.  So then I started using TAMU’s bulk geocoding service and turning off geocoding in your plug-in.  That flow works fine, but the quality of the TAMU geocoding is not very good.  I’m looking for a good bulk geocoding service that I can use with CSV files to prepare them for import into our store locator.  Any suggestions are appreciated.


    Bob Greenberg

    Sonoma Cider



    Hi Robert. I understand that the geocoding is timing out when you use the built in (Google) geocoding.

    In the SLP control panel, under general settings, there is a Server tab. Can you try the server-to-server speed set to slow? This will slow the rate of communication.


    If Google is telling you that you are making too many requests, you may also want to lower the number of geocode retries and/or increase the maximum retry delay.

    I’m not versed in additional geocoding tools.

    Also, your plugin version is, 4.2.16. You should update to the latest, 4.2.40


    Let me know any additional information as it occurs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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