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    So I have about 65k stores loaded into SLP and they all show in locations correctly. However when I got to my map it breaks.

    Here are my issues. Upon entering the page with the map, it shows my custom location and looks fine. However nearby stores don’t show on the map.

    If I enter my address, or ZIP the map goes to my location and still no stores show. If I change the radius from 10 miles to anything larger..the map goes blank…and shows improper stores as nearby. (Ohio to North Carolina is not nearby)


    Pics attached and here is the link to my staging server.

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    Are you getting any error messages in the console when you turn on either Firefox or chrome debugging or developer tools (see Troubleshooting)



    I checked your site and see this if I inspect: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) it is trying to load your url that goes to “favicon” , is it in the right directory?

    If you could check that and use the debugging tool. What plugin style are you using?


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