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    I just added a new location in Sweden and have tested to let Google fill in the right LAT/LONG. It is not exactly correct when I compare it with the address in Google Maps so I manually correct the LAT/LONG to the same as I get in Google Maps as I have done many times before but the map marker refuse to either update or still hug the exact location. (Google Maps is right and SLP is a block to the left)

    The LAT/LONG I use in this example is: 56.1745965, 14.8605964

    Plese see compare images:

    Store Locator Plus:4.5.10



    Pro Pack:4.5.07



    PHP version:7.0.9

    MySQL version:5.5.49

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    Hi Leif,

    There were no updates to Experience that would cause this as far as I know. There were updates to Power and SLP are both at v 4.5.12. If you refresh or clear your cache are you able to get the location with the new lat long to save the map marker in the correct location??



    I have updated to latest versions and try cleare cashe and refresh. But it do not help. I need some kind of “force update map” function i guess. It might have someting to do with Google/Sweden map also i guess.

    I will let it be for now and see what happends next time i clean database and import locations again. I do this every year to get updates from business system.

    Issue can be closed for now if you dont have any input of forcing updates of maps.



    I will mention this to Lance

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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