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    We are having two issues with SLP that I am trying to fix:

    1) Map markers are not populating on the map when locations have been searched. Categories have been set up and assigned to custom map markers. Each location has been assigned to categories to show the custom map marker on the map when searching for locations. What are we missing for this to be happening?

    website page without any map markers:


    2) The new way when exporting data through bulk action functionality, no CSV doc is getting created and there is not a place to save the CSV file before creating the doc. Is this being saved to a default location or what needs to be done to export data with the bulk action functionality?


    Lance Cleveland

    1) Your map markers are coming back to SLP correctly and SLP is using the Google Maps API to place the proper graphic on the map.   Something in your CSS on the site is preventing the image from rendering.    I tried some basic CSS tricks to try to force it to display but something is overriding any of the image output rules I am attempting to enforce.   Check your WP Theme image rules and make sure they don’t use !important.  If they do you may need to override with div#map IMG { } rules with !important qualifiers to counter those rules.

    2) CSV export will prompt you where to save the download file when the export file is completed. If you are not getting the prompt it is likely due to your export process not completing.   It should behave exactly like the old export functionality.    Check to make sure your PHP processing limits are high enough on your server to export all records.   The other option is to select a subset by using the “With These Properties” filter and try getting a few records to download first (maybe everything starting with a name “A*”).



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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