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    Hi Lance,

    I have added a USA address (Rochester, NY) when I search: Country field=USA and Post Code or City=Rochester, the map pin shows Rochester in the UK with no results.  Is this normal?

    Also, when adding an address manually, I always get the error that the Long/Lat can not be completed (even if only adding one address) (not tried an import for a long time).

    Also, I realise this is not paid support, but you seem to be answering questions here in no particular order. It is a few weeks ago now that I asked about the results table layout.  I only have a left and right column, nothing in the centre.  I would like to add hours and the description in the center column.

    I have created you a WP account if you would take a look for me.
    I’ll email you the details if I can find your address.



    Lance Cleveland

    Posting your site URL will help in figuring out what is going on.   If you are using country & city drop down menus then I assume you are using Enhanced Search.    Set them to discrete mode to force them to filter the locations by exact-match data in your location data versus just “typing them into the search box”.     The reason Rochester UK comes up has been explained in the online documentation and numerous blog posts.  The short answer is that Google is guessing that when you type Rochester in as an address you MUST mean the most popular Rochester in the world… Rochester UK.



    You can also use Enhanced Search to append a specific string to any search a user types such as ” USA” which helps if all your locations are in the USA.


    As for the results layout, use Enhanced Results and edit the layout HTML to put the [[slp_location …]] shortcodes in the middle column.      There are examples and details in the documentation on this site.





    Thanks for the reply. I changed the map to Worldwide, which has helped. I will look at the layout too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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