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    Since the latest update 19.10.15 my map shows multiple worlds. See attached image.

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    Hi Mitch, I only see the world Earth.


    Could you provide some insight as to your PlugIn Environment as refernced in Posting Guidelines so we can assist you better?

    there was a wider range of zoom levels and adjustments  settings added in 4.3.14 .

    It was reported by multiple users that it was not working correctly.  Each release usually has a blog written about it, if you subscribe or follow us on Twitter you will receive the latest news. Read latest info and news

    Just recheck under your Map  functionality settings and  reset to whatever zoom level you would like it to be.




    Hi there, yes thats the problem. There are multiple australia maps in world view. It shows two maps. Here is my environment

    Store Locator Plus Version:4.3.14

    Pro Pack:4.3.02


    This Info Cached:1445379293

    WordPress Version:4.3.1



    MySQL Version:5.5.42

    PHP Version:5.4.43


    PHP Limit:256M

    WordPress General Limit:96M

    WordPress Admin Limit:256M

    PHP Peak RAM:59 MB

    PHP Post Max Size:48M

    PHP Modules:


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    Its a known issued and will be corrected in update 4.3.15

    To fix this go into SLP > Experience > Map > Functionality

    Change map domain and tune with zoom levels and it will be correct again.



    @ Mitch

    (and Piani)   Lance spent some time explaining the whole Map domain (such as the pull down Google Map domain Australia) That isnt quite how it works any longer.  The way Google used to have it set up…if you were in Australia for instance, and you selected the map domain  au. for Australia, the QUERY to google to find the location would go to the Australia server first as the most logical place to find map points,locations,lats/long….they changed this whole scenario , but only sort of. They told Lance that all the Google map servers were going to become centralized and as such it was automated (the man behind the curtain) to go to the most logical server. Unfortunately the man bbehind the curtain, Mr Roboto, would decide (if it recognized the location)  it should send the query to that server. But as robots are stupid sometimes, or rather easily confused, it might see a query, not recognize it, or recognize Melbourne on that day, as being in London and send you to the UK server…or maybe to Florida, thus the US server.

    Lance has been fixing these domain countries one at a time. We are updating the domain drop down and inputting lat/long for centers or close to centers of each country rather than rely solely on Google Mr Roboto to find the correct server.

    Sound convoluted? yes it is, and maybe I am not explaining it as well as Lance did to me…but I am at a disadvantage here.  he had a pencil and paper to help me visualize. Maybe I will post one of his drawings under How Google search map domain works”….in the mean time, he is updating and patching as fast as possible,now that I know I am going to attempt to assist him with the tedious country look-ups as well.

    P.S. New SLP release 4.3.22 is out and addresses some center map at callback issues


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