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    The pages on our site remains empty after upgrading to version 4. Is there anything wrong with this version?



    No idea what you are running.and what you mean by version 4. The base plug in is up to 4.2.61…all the add-ons have various releases and updates…so truly need more information: I do not know if you are a brand new user, a previous user trying to update add-ons etc.
    Please read the paragraph under About Forums and provide requested information:

    Also read under the documentation depending on whether you are a new user or trying to upgrade:




    We had run all but one and a half week, the plugin does not work anymore. Now I get the message that your license key is out or installs, how can this be? We have gone from test to production and is now running this plugin only in production. How do I fix this?

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    I need additional information. If you have license keys that is an old version. SLP no longer needs license keys. Check the information on how to update , the proper order of steps to do that.
    You still haven’t added your information as to what you were running before, what is your plug-in environment, what add-on packs etc. The information requested is in the section at the beginning of the Forum READ THIS BEFORE POSTINGRead this before posting in Forum
    You can see what versions you should have here. /documentation/store-locator-plus/release-notes/slp-versions/

    Please provide all the information so we can assist you.

    For troubleshooting and guidelines on how to update from version 3 to version 4:
    Troubleshooting Update Version 3 and Version 4 don’t mix

    If you had an add-on pack such as ProPack that was never upgraded when you were running SLP version 3, with add-ons, you will need to purchase the new version of ProPack 4.2 and/or other add-ons. Unfortunately , I do not know you have and what you may have purchased in the past.



    P.S.If the version update is not the issue: Check in the Troubleshooting documentation to see if there is a configuration, server, AJAX or permissions issue in your live site. There are guidelines on how to check. There is also a debugging tool that should help you. If you need further assistance and it isnt urgent you can post your store page url. If you have an urgent need and you have checked any possible issues listed in the Troubleshooting guide, but still need technical assistance you can opt for email or more rigorous support from Lance here: /product/product-support/
    He will need all the information, site url etc. as stated above.

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