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    Hi, in our store locator plus we inserted a store located in Augusta, Sicily. The problem is, when we insert “Augusta” in the search field, the store locator shows the city in Georgia, even if there is no store over there. Inserting the correct zip code (<span class=”xa”>96011</span>) makes the store locator work just fine, but it would be great if the name of the city would be enough to show the correct stores near it. Are there any solutions? The page’s URL is



    Hi Stefano. Google maps tries to figure out what location you want based on its best guess. If there are multiple locations with the same name, it chooses one based on search popularity. Store locator then uses the latitude/longitude provided by Google to find the nearest store.

    You may be able to help things in your favor by choosing a map domain closest to your locations (WP Dashboard>SLP>Map>Map Settings)

    You could also set up a drop-down (using enhanced search) with a list of cities, or use directory builder to make a list of cities. These build lists directly from the SLP database.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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