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    Hello! First off, thanks for a great plugin! Do you have an add-on to show the nearest dealer to a customer no matter where the customer is located? We have many dealers and need to limit the radius for 80% of our customers. However, if we have a customer that lives in the boonies and is not within the radius that we have set, they won’t see any of our dealers and may just leave our site. Is there any way to show these particular kinds of customers their closest dealer available, even if it’s outside the radius we’ve set?


    Lance Cleveland

    Sort of, there is an option that needs to be expanded a bit to work in more situations…

    Enhanced Results adds an option to ignore the radius if the address field is left blank.  This ensures that searches show the first X locations no matter how far they are from your starting point.

    It works well for people using the Pro Pack location sensor and for sites the drop the address input completely and only allow filtering of locations by category.

    I have it on my wishlist to modify that feature to “always ignore radius”.   In the meantime you can hide the radius field and set it to something like 99999 which will do the same thing.



    I think I may have found a workaround; at least for our application.

    Set the radii options to a large number – – 150 miles or more. Set the max search results to 2 or 3. The locator will only pick the 2 or 3 closest locations to the zip code or address a customer types in.

    I’ll be purchasing your Enhanced Results add-on in a day or two in order to hide the radius.

    Thanks again.



    Clarification – I’ll be purchasing “Enhanced Search”. Enhanced Results does not allow you to hide the radius selector.

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