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    I have a new install of SLP along with the ExperiencePack.  I started with two locations that I imported using a CSV and they worked great.  I created tagalongs/categories and got the map displayed on a page.  Tested a few searches and it worked well.  Even figured out how to zoom out the map results.  I then modified the same CSV file and added 57 more locations.  None of the 57 would geo-locate.  I modified one of the new 57 and it still won’t geo-locate.  If I try to do a bulk geo-locate I get a 500 internal server error.  If I manually add a location it will not geo-locate.  The search and filter on locations doesn’t seem to work so troubleshooting is difficult.  The interface in SLP is also very slow.

    Where do I start with trying to get the geo-locating working again?



    Hi Rachel,

    First we need to know exactly what versions etc you are running, the search filter you are referencing was fixed last update:
    Please provide the information as mentioned in the Read this before posting and/ or a screen shot of your plug-in environment .

    The SLP interface works great for me. We have seen that people often have issues with loading due to their server limitations or possibly other plug-ins. There is a possibility you have a conflict and you may want to try the debugging process if all your versions are up to date.

    I would suggest you export the locations and save in Gpogle sheets if you have that option. Add your new locations to that file and save in CSV. When you import select Geocode all uncoded. There have been some other questions relative to this subject in the forums, you might want to search the forum and FAQ.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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