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    Ever since I updated the plugin to the latest version, the search results show the long google map link and it takes up the whole screen. I cannot figure out how to get the link to disappear in the results view.

    I am also no longer able to click on the map pin to view the details of the location.

    Please help fix these issues because it looks really bad and is not functional.

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    I am having the same problem where the map pins no longer show the location details when they are clicked. Very annoying that this broke after the most recent update.

    Using the following plugins:

    Store Locator Plus
    Store Locator Plus : Enhanced Map
    Store Locator Plus : Enhanced Results
    Store Locator Plus : Enhanced Search
    Store Locator Plus : Icon Set Google Old School
    Store Locator Plus : Icon Set Maki
    Store Locator Plus : Pro Pack
    Store Locator Plus : Tagalong

    Our theme is the Jumbo theme made by Obox.

    Here is the page in question:

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    The pop-ups broke on my site as well after the update.

    URL of locations map page:
    SLP version: 4.3.03
    Store Locator Plus: Enhanced Map v: 4.3
    Store Locator Plus: Enhanced Results v: 4.3
    WP Theme:
    Bridge Child Theme
    Bridge v: 7.6
    WP Version: 4.3
    php v: 5.4

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    I know others are saying they’re encountering the same issues, I just want to document that I am experiencing them as well.



    Thank you for actually providing us with the Plugin enivrom=nment information we needed to troubleshoot this!!!

    To the others in the thread, we actually need the version info same as what Chris provided not just a list of what add-on packs you are using not only r a screenshot of what isn’t working (although that helps as well). I guess we need to be more explicit in our directions when we ask people to read before Posting,, my apologies for not giving clear direction on that point.

    Update: I checked out and tested the newest releases and when the directions were “fixed” something else happened in the back end that effected the Map Info Bubble.I have tested it out and ity now works the way it did before, click on the location Name in your list and the MAP info bubble pops up with the information , the Directions link now works as well.

    Apologize for the issues and not being able to pinpoint it immediately. We need as many details, details, details anytime something doesn’t work properly. Even if you have posted before, we still need the Plugin Environment. It saves us time and really helps!

    Lance has been patching and pushed the prerelease of SLP 4.3.05

    if you have a test site or dev site then please check and test the Pre-release of 4.3.05 .
    It is strongly suggested that you have such a site, it is easy and can be found in WP.
    For more info:
    The more people that can help test the prerelease builds the better. Launch a staging version




    You have not provided enough information about your PlugIn environment. Could you please go into SLP under INFO and Plugin environment and take a screenshot of that instead? Also if you have any CSS. The directions issue was fixed in 4.3.04 but since then 4.3.05 is being ready for release to fix the Info bubble. I am not sure what is causing  your particular issue. Which version of SLP and addon packs do you have?

    What we need for info is identified in the section under  About The forums

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