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    We decided to discontinue using your plugin/s. However, after deactivating and deleting them we had no access to wp-admin and our sites became very sluggish to browse. We are using WP Multisites I should add. After placing your plugins back into the plugin folder we once again had access to wp-admin and the sites returned to normal performance.

    Hope you can shed some light on this disconcerting issue.

    Cheers. Steve


    Store Locator Plus Version:4.4.17
    Enhanced Map:4.3
    Enhanced Results:4.3
    Enhanced Search:4.3
    Pro Pack:4.3
    This Info Cached:1472083305
    WordPress Version:4.6
    MySQL Version:5.5.50
    PHP Version:5.3.26
    PHP Limit:1024M
    WordPress General Limit:512M
    WordPress Admin Limit:1024M
    PHP Peak RAM:101 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:10M



    No Idea, we do not have any tricks, if you did not have admin rights perhaps?

    Suggest you contact the WP  Multisite support forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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