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    I’ve just updated to SLP Version 4.2.16 along with all plugins being updated to latest versions. Enhanced Map is Version 4.2.03.

    After the update my per location map markers (Feature of Enhanced Map?) are not displayed, instead the default “global” map marker is shown. I’ve confirmed the icon files are in the proper folder an the link to the markers under each location is still intact after the update.

    We have 3 custom markers for each of our 280 location and they have always displayed properly up until this last update. I’ve tried changing a few locations to use different per location markers and they don’t display either.

    Locator page is:

    Wordpress 3.9.1




    Hi There

    We are also experiencing this issue. However, since it is the only feature we use and would want working, sending us the previous version would resolve the issue for us and would be much appreciated.

    Brian claims that it had been working, but we only purchased the add-on after the latest version was released.

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    Hi Samuel,

    If it helps, our original installation was with SLP Pro version 4.1.02 and the enhanced map plugin was version 4.1.01 and all per location markers worked perfectly. If I recall correctly there were a few incremental updates before this latest one but they were installed via the WordPress plugin update so I don’t know the exact versions. If you’re going to “roll back” I would go to this version as a minimum. Luckily for us this feature is not a “must have” so I’ve just disabled it until the developer can remedy.


    Lance Cleveland

    I have tested several sites using:

    SLP 4.2.20
    Enhanced Map 4.2.03

    Per-location markers with Enhanced Map is working but the changes from 4.2.16 up should not have affected the marker processing.

    Maybe there is another setting that is causing an issue?  Can you share some screen shots of your user experience map settings (icons area) and a location map icon screen shot?



    Certainly, if you initially visit the “store locator”

    One sees this, All markers work with their respective custom market icons.

    But if i search that region “makati” I get all the same markers, but this time they’ve taken on the default marker icon and not the custom ones that ive set with the enhanced pack.



    Screenshots attached show enhanced map settings, the location settings and a shot of the map being generated. Before the update the custom markers in the location settings would appear on the map. Now they are all just the default.

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    This issue is still outstanding, i am just telling my client that i am still “looking into it”

    If i could somehow have access to the version 4.1.02, then i would be satisfied as apparently Brian has mentioned that this version does not exhibit the issue.

    Would this be possible in the near future?


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