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    I have over 5000 store locations in my db, and have today paid $100 in “pro” features for this plugin.

    Not a single location shows.



    As I’m researching more I’m thinking this is perhaps because the locations do not have latitude longitude associated with them, and the plugin essentially counts those as non-entries?

    Either way I need a solution. Thanks.


    Lance Cleveland

    Example search location?

    Does the Manage Locations interface show lat/long on your locations?

    It also looks like you have some network interface layers, either a cache or CDN application that is munging AJAX communications and scripts coming out of the WordPress install. You may want to make sure you do not have a plugin that is changing the scripts or AJAX posts.



    Lat/Long are not shown with any of them, no. I had 5382 locations to import, and have tried the past 6 hours without success. I wound up converting the whole thing to CSV and importing via PHPMyAdmin instead of the cdv importer (which I paid $50 for).

    So now the locations are all in there, but attempting to see them on the actual map page results in nothing. No lat/long data is associated with any location.



    Example search location is:

    13201 Ridgedale Dr Minnetonka , MN 55305

    Using the pro tool finds the lat/long fine.

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    Manually adding lat/long shows the location on the map. How can I automatically add this info for all 5382 of the locations we’re working with?



    Any attempt to grab a lat/long results in this behavior:

    Store Locator Plus needs attention:

    Read this if you are having geocoding issues.

    Address 200 Malcolm Dr Westminster MD 21157 (1 in current series) hit the Google query limit.

    Waited up to 4.00 seconds between request, total wait for this location was 7.00 seconds.

    3 total attempts for this location.



    Trying again today I was able to add nearly 2000 locations. Errors were reported about hitting the limit.

    I will try more again tomorrow, it may just be a daily limit issue.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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