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    I’ve checked through the forum and couldn’t find anything related.  Im in Australia and already faced issues with searching on postcode, which i’ve worked around.

    The current issue is the map shows random worl-wide places when no stores match the search.  (its great to get to see some places i’ve never heard of but not so great for the store locator).

    I know when you search SL looks up google and passes the results to the plugin which then searches the DB for matching stores, but if non are found can we make it just show the default ‘At Startup’ map instead of the first google result?  That would totally solve it.

    thanks for your help, great plugin btw.



    Could you provide your Plugin Environment per posting guidelines? I would need to know what you are using , versions  and your site url.

    For instance do you have Experience add-on or another add-on with settings in  search  for Search “current Map” instead of World wide? There are additional settings in premier as well

    If No results are found a message comes up that you can fine tune in Labels.  Otherwise I suggest under Experience/Results settings expand your Radius to show initially to a larger number such as 10000 to get the most results to return on any search , in essence your map  with some locations even if they aren’t near them (that sounds what you would like to see).







    Hi yes, sorry, I’ve attached SS of plugin environment, its v<span style=”color: #444444; font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 15px;”>4.5.09, wp v</span><span style=”color: #444444; font-family: sans-serif;”><span style=”font-size: 15px;”>4.5.3  Currently no add-ons.</span></span>

    When there are no search results it does indeed show the nothing found message, but the map displays as the first result.  Radius To Search Initially is set to 10000.

    The problem is with Google, if google can’t find any matching results in my country it returns a list worldwide.  Then SL searches the stores list and if no stores are found then it shows the ‘not found’ message and seems to set the map to the first google result.  It would be great if SL could just show the At Start map if there are no stores in the DB that match google results.


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    The url above apparently is your staging site?? The url shown in your screenshot is not a public url so I cannot look behind the curtains to assist you.

    I do not know what other plugins  you are using because I cannot see your actual site.

    BUT , If I load  , that site is NOT using Store locator Plus

    It is using Store Locator with premium features. (or another plugin)

    So the question is, are you asking about your staging site and are you are trying to emulate  the with no add-ons?

    P.S. You have WP 4.5.3and SLP 4.5.09, those are not the latest versions. I imagine there is a reason you didnt update WP to 4.6 .  We are on SLP 4.6.1 same as WP 4.6.1


    Secondly, the public site has no google maps API no sensore required messages (the second warning is what clued us in that they are not using SLP, and we searched for SLP as a WP plug-in and no results.


    I dont know how to answer you at this point, that does not happen with me on my site and there will be no new features added to the Base SLP plugin that arent already built into the core.

    Features such as Location influenced guiesses, bonadaries etc are part of premier, Discrete searches are part of Experience add-on.








    Thanks for getting back to me.  Yes it is the staging site and will be replacing  The staging site is publicly accessible, there are no firewalls or anything that i am aware of blocking access.  You should be able to see it?  What do you get instead?

    The store locator page can be found here:

    The current production site is running Drupal, I don’t know which plugins it is using.  WP isn’t telling me there is an update to SLP so thought it was the latest.  I’ll see if the site can be updated, at the least i’ll update the plugin and see if it resolves.

    I’ve just added user location awareness to pre-fill the search field (although not in Chrome as its not ssl).  This is custom.

    Thanks for your help,



    Hey James, you mentioned Drupal, if you wold like to get an invite to the MY Store Locator which will run on other platforms,not just Word Press, check it out. They are looking for testers and the perks associated with testing, free service plan for a period of time when it launches. Contact via email if you are interested in this.

    Not on WordPress?
    Check out My Store Locator Plus – now in alpha testing.

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