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    I’m using SLP Version 4.4.27, Pro Pack Version 4.3, Tagalong Version 4.1.06, and just added Experience (Version 4.4.06). I noticed before the latest upgrade, the styling of the page performed by our developer team on launch had been broken somewhat during the many version upgrades (hence adding Experience in the hopes of easily keeping the formatting in sync with your plugin & updates).

    One of the issues adding Experience didn’t seem to fix is a problem with the results list where the Directions and Hours of operation don’t have any spacing between them. I am now using the Clean Simple White plugin style (closest fit to our website design) and I see the problem is still occurring in the results list.

    Can you please help direct us to a fix? Or is this a bug?

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    Hi ENEOS.

    I reported to developer and he is looking at a rev for that style. In the meantime you can easily change the layout or css I have added screenshots and directions below.

    First a few notes:

    You are not using the latest versions of ProPack or Tagalong.  I would update ProPack  and tagalong as soon as possible since it is going to become a legacy product once Power Add-on is released.    Check here for the Versions

    Also, Tagalong will not be compatible with the SLP 4.4.27 if it was never updated.  Version 4.1. is pretty old.  to remain compatible you should update all your add-ons.

    The Clean White style was built with a specific WP theme in mind for a customer a long time ago.  You can try other styles that would show the results the way you want  but if you do not want to do that there is an easy fix or you can wait for the REV of that style.. Since you have both ProPack and EXP, you can accomplish it in either way”

    The fix: 

    1) EXP add-on allows you to change the results Layout. I selected “Clean simple white” for style and saw the same results but I  then modified under EXP/Results/Results layout box, by adding the simple html   <br>  after directions and the hours will go to next line.

    I also deleted the slp_contact portion of the span class where that line is added with the slp_results_hours  for that style since I did not have any contact info in that line

    Save settings.

    The developer is updating  the CLEAN WHITE STYLE  (REV02) , with his development of the  POWER add-on   It has not been fully tested and is based to work with the   Mazznoer Clean Simple White WP Theme.

    you can request  a copy of the CSS and style to save in your CSS directory (drop  in your  store-locator-le/css/ directory )to test it out. It is too large to add to this forum , if you would like to use it and see if it works for you  send an email to or

    If you need more info on how to change results or how to perform CSS there are a couple of tutorial videos  and documentation about results layouts and Styles.




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    Thanks, it did help with the spacing issue. I am not seeing the second line of hours. I’ll do a little more testing and get back if I still have questions.



    Sure thing, glad it helped with a temp fix..have you checked off display or “show hours” under EXP/Results? It is a check box. I only added hours on that one location to assist you, make sure the locations you are showing have some sort of hours there..and did you take out the slp_contact that same line? It might be effecting something. I am not sure why that contact is in there, it is an extended option, if you dont have contacts you may not need to have it but the style was built a long time ago for a specific layout.
    Have a great day

    P.S. If you havent ahd a chance to leave a stellar review in WP about the base plugin and teh support, please take a minute to do so:

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