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    Store Locator Plus Version:4.2.60

    Enhanced Map:4.2.07

    Enhanced Results:4.2.07

    Enhanced Search:4.2.09

    Pro Pack:4.2.14


    SLP Base Extensions:4.2.60

    WordPress Version:4.2.2

    Site URL:

    MySQL Version:5.5.43

    PHP Version:5.3.2-1ubuntu4.30



    we upgraded to the latest version of SLP from SLP3 in early May. All new Location entries since the upgrade are not displaying their website link in the Enhanced Results or map bubbles. Previous entries display their links just fine. New entries show no website link even though one exists in their database record.


    For example, at if you enter the zipcode 12883, you will see two location results, a new one Adirondack Outhouses and an older one Dundon Plumbing and Heating. Dundon displays it’s website link correct. Adirondack does not, despite having the URL entry in it’s data.

    Any thoughts or suggestions why this would be or how to fix it?


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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by  Karleen.


    Hi Karleen,
    My guess it is probably something in your results Layout. Since you mentioned you have had the site up and running for quite some time (assume if you were running SLP 3 and now are using SLP4) did you previously have some specialized CSS changes ?
    Specifically do you have this line in your Results Layout?
    [slp_location web_link]

    If you set the Results Layout back to default does it work?




    Thanks for the suggestion. I added both the default Results Layout and the default Bubble Layout the settings but the website links are still not showing for the newest location entries.

    another option?



    updated info: I copied the site to our staging site are and exported all Locations to a CSV file. I then deleted all locations in SLP and re-imported the CSV file.

    Now not a single Location displays their website in the results or in the bubble layout. There seems to be some bug with new entries that it is not seeing the website data that is entered. A quick Inspect Element shows no data in the Website HTML code where it should be in the results.



    Karleen, Have you upgraded to ProPAck 4.2.15? I just recreated what you have indicated, I exported my file and saved it as a CSV file, I then cleared out all my locations using the Janitor,

    I then imported the CSV file, ALL of my locations that had websites in them appeared. I then went into the SLP Locations and manually added a location and then copied a website and added the url into the website data field. It also appeared on my map. So I am not sure oif I understand your question. Is it that you cant see it on the admin panel in the locations manager page? Or it doesn’t appear on the map when loaded?
    If it doesn’t come up on the map I am guessing there is a formatting issue with your file.

    If you are saying you cannot :see the “url field” under the locations panel after importing, please note the locations panel has been reformatted and does not look like version 3. There have been a lot of add-on packs which have now included the option for added extended data (Real Estate extender, Location Extender, Social Meida Extender etc). so the display on the Locations admin page had to change, so you wont see urls. descriptions etc going straight across as added columns in the panel the way it used to look. The extended data information is now seen by the administrator when you expand the row under the name of the store. I have attached a screen shot.
    Any additional queries on this subject, please post your storelocator site page url.

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