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    Starting with an empty location list and importing a CSV with the “duplicate handling” option set to “add”, these results make no sense:

    5973 processed.
    5942 new locations added.
    31 locations were updated.

    If there were no existing entries to update, and duplicate detection is set to “add” rather than “update” the “update” count should be 0.



    Hi Charles. How many locations are you trying to import? I’m not clear on the issue from what you have posted. Can you post a link to your locations page?



    I imported 5973 locations.

    The issue is that “duplicate detection” was set to “Add”, which I assume means that if there’s a duplicate location, it should be added rather than updated.

    Since I know I have duplicate locations, I opted for the “Add” option.  However, the output indicates that 5942 “new” locations were added and 31 locations were updated.

    I started the import with 0 locations in the locator.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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