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    Hey there,

    Using store locator for a business with locations all around Australia and it works very well, except for one thing. The 2 stores that are not on the mainland (Tasmania) do not show on the main map as a marker. They are entered correctly in the backend, so not sure what I amy be doing wrong?

    Map located:





    Hi Rob

    You need to provide information abut your SLP environment to get a correct answer. You find it under SLP > Info > Plugin Environment tab. Read more on the forum guide.



    Store Locator Plus Version:4.3.11

    Pro Pack:4.3.01

    This Info Cached:1446182447

    WordPress Version:4.3.1

    Site URL:

    MySQL Version:5.5.31

    PHP Version:5.6.14

    PHP Limit:256M

    WordPress General Limit:128M

    WordPress Admin Limit:256M

    PHP Peak RAM:71 MB

    PHP Post Max Size:32M

    PHP Modules:

    [8] => bcmath
    [9] => bz2
    [62] => bz2_filter
    [10] => calendar
    [61] => cgi-fcgi
    [0] => Core
    [11] => ctype
    [12] => curl
    [1] => date
    [13] => dba
    [14] => dom
    [15] => enchant
    [2] => ereg
    [49] => exif
    [17] => fileinfo
    [18] => filter
    [19] => ftp
    [20] => gd
    [21] => gettext
    [16] => hash
    [23] => iconv
    [44] => imap
    [25] => intl
    [66] => ionCube Loader
    [26] => json
    [27] => ldap
    [3] => libxml
    [63] => mailparse
    [28] => mbstring
    [29] => mcrypt
    [64] => memcache
    [65] => mhash
    [30] => mysql
    [31] => mysqli
    [4] => openssl
    [32] => pcntl
    [5] => pcre
    [34] => PDO
    [35] => pdo_mysql
    [36] => pdo_pgsql
    [37] => pdo_sqlite
    [38] => pgsql
    [39] => Phar
    [40] => posix
    [41] => pspell
    [42] => readline
    [43] => Reflection
    [24] => session
    [45] => shmop
    [46] => SimpleXML
    [47] => soap
    [48] => sockets
    [22] => SPL
    [6] => sqlite3
    [33] => standard
    [50] => sysvmsg
    [51] => sysvsem
    [52] => tidy
    [53] => tokenizer
    [54] => wddx
    [55] => xml
    [56] => xmlreader
    [57] => xmlrpc
    [58] => xmlwriter
    [59] => xsl
    [60] => zip
    [7] => zlib
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    Hi Rob,
    Update to the 4.3.14 version which fixed the zoom settings and you can play with them to give you a more accurate adjustment level for zoom.
    Second set your radius to a larger net. Under Experience/Search features/Radii Options,
    Third you may want to change your center map at= to be a more general location to all your points

    How SLP works

    Another Option is to define location area and draw a boundary. This is available in Premier features

    I have attached a screen shot of my settings and you will see that at (500) miles as my default radii, you see Tasmania even though all my locations are on East Cost of Australia. I had center map at Brisbane Australia for this setting.

    The third picture, I changed the center map at to Sydney and increased the radii to 1000, you can see the changes now on the map.
    Hope these suggestions work for you. Cheers
    P.S. My daughter is on her way to Australia today. 🙂

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    Hi Rob again.

    I see now what you mean, should have visited the site. So you have locations in Tasmania and they are not showing up on the general map view, but they are showing up when you search I added a location to my test site for Clarence Point Tasmania and Devenport, and at first the markers didn’t show up, Until I searched for Clarence Point and changed the zoom settings to -1. But I also have Enhanced Maps and Enhanced Results enabled. You may want to look at Enhanced Map for markers and Enhanced results, which allows you to reorder the locations. I noticed you have a lot of customization in your results , so i would also check that for any variations that limit the view of markers.

    If none of those then I can bump up to have the developer take a look but he is pretty bogged down and Im not sure when he will have a chance.

    If you discover what it is before then , please post here.



    Hello Cici,

    Still having no luck, so if you could have the developer look into it, that would be fantastic. There is only a2 locations that it needs to show, so hopefully you can find a resolution for this small issue.




    Please update to version 4.3.24 and Pro Pack is up to 4.3.02, can you provide a screen shot of your settings under Experience?




    Did you use any of my suggestions? i.s. Changing the zoom features? I noticed on your site you have Tables and Directory type listings but I didn’t notice in your Plugin Environment screen shot that you are using Directory Builder or any Other SLP add-ons  except for ProPack  . Could you have another mapping or scripting or short code  in your custom store Locator Page on your site that is interfering?



    Happy New Year.

    Apologies for not getting back sooner.

    All files have been updated and the issue continues. The only map plugins installed are Store Locator & Store Locator Plus plugins.

    Played around with zoom with no luck either.

    Any other suggestions?

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    When you mention all files updated. Do you mean you are on 4.4.12? there were some changes as far as choosing map domain, also setting your radius search at startup to a larger number is better

    Info about Map domain setting changes



    Updated to 4.4.09 and Pro Pack is at 4.3.01.

    Please see attached settings.


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    Ok, current SLP is  4.4.12 and ProPackis  4.4.   Thanks for the screen shot , but under the Experience/Results tab I do not know what you have set but for best results you  need to set the radius there as well, make it 10000..see what that does “to throw the net wider” to show results.  under documentation results:

    Radius To Search Initially

    What should immediately show locations use as the default search radius? Leave empty to use map radius default or set to a large number like 25000 to search everywhere.Can be set with shortcode initial_radius if Force Load JavaScript is turned off.

    If those suggestions don’t work  I don’t have any more ideas , not seeing this issue on my test site.


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