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    I have Pages addon installed but when I go to a specific page e.g.  no details appear if I click on the location marker.

    Visitors would need to see a ‘Get Directions’ link.

    Hope you can help.




    Hi Rob,

    That is not a functionality of Store Pages (never has been), and isnt practical within the dichotomy of WP.
    You can have a separate locations page that shows all the locations/ results under a map (as shown in the videos and that will have directions link because your Locations Page (not your Store Pages) will have the SLPLUS shortcode on it… specific store page creates a new WP Page pulling in text fields from the extended data locations fields.
    Pages a is creating a Post type Page not a search form.
    . The way the regular directions works on the base Plugin , it redirects (queries) to Google Map based on the locations latitude/longtitude . if you have location sensor turned on or allow the GPS location sensor, then with Google you could actually say hey show me how to get there….
    “For those of you traveling from Indonesia to our store in Canada, cant get there from here if you are walking or taking a bus or driving. .but you understand how that works with Google Maps I am sure, if you ever clicked on Block Google or the site from knowing where I am located, then you don’t get directions you just get the map.

    The technical explanation of how it works can be found on the Blog posted last October

    excerpt “. The code loads in that text in the Page Template setting and pretends to be a user/administrator that chose ‘create store page” under the admin menu, then typed in the stuff in the page template into the content of the page.”

    You can try to fool around with coding to add directions but it is not included in the regular Store Pages Add-on.
    There is another person who fooled around with coding to get directions on a store Page (nothing else just directions) and it is now not working specifically because the way WP codex is set up now with ref to htmls and shortcodes.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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