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    Hello – recently upgraded and have the downloaded and installed the following but I’m not getting any option for pages ( I thought this came as part of Power). Can you help me out what else I need to do to enable this feature… thanks…  ps user feedback – i found the dowload page a little confusing as to which elements to install…

    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Store Locator Plus:</span>4.5.09</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Experience:</span>4.5.08</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Gravity Forms Integration:</span>4.5.00</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Power:</span>4.5.09</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Premier:</span>4.5.10</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Gravity Forms Locations:</span>4.5.02</p>



    Hi Toby, thank you for providing the information
    Yes the download page needs to be improved , WooCommerce changed their themes and Lance had to work on that, we do have some suggestions that he will work on during his travel or when he gets back to make it a little more apparent, such as which version is the most recent available to you.

    So you probably saw that Pages is part of Power. Power is 4.5.10, as is Premier and SLP. I havens had a chance to post the version update on our Info and news channel, they were released while he was literally in some airport somewhere/

    The set up for Pages is a little different now than how I used to see it, perhaps same for you.

    The setting to enable Pages is under general /data. It is automatically supposed to be set to draft.

    You then create and handled the pages from the admin panel, it will magically appear.

    here is a link to the Pages documentation, and Lance has some videos out there on the new home documentation page that will take you to our YouTube channel.
    as well, (I havent checked recently to see how up to date that video is though)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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