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    When on the store locator plus – pages, Pages Replace Websites will not save when checked.

    I am using version 4.3.11 for Store Locator Plus and 4.3 for the Pages add-on.

    Can someone help me out with this?



    Hi Brandon
    The 4.3 Pages is in as a pre release 4.3.01,and it fixes the pages not saving settings…. if you have a dev site, feel free to test it out and get back to us if you see any issues. It will go into production once the testing is done. Sorry for the Inconvenience.
    P.S. The more people that can test it the better.
    I tested it on my test site and it works, but I am not a primary user of this add-on so please test if you can.




    The 4.3 version is not working for me. When I click the Pages Replace Websites, it will not save. I have tested it on 3 different browsers and still no luck.



    You did not read my reply,


    I said that there is a PRE release of   PAGES 4.3.01, , the download is on the bottom of the downloads page,

    if you have Pages you can also test the Pre release….but make sure you test on a dev site.

    We know the 4.3 isnt working on that and that is being fixed in 4.3.01 but is being tested to make sure something else doesn’t break it.

    I tested the PRE RELEASE version of 4.3.01 Pages and it worked for me






    @ Brandon

    Sorry about that, my apologies, there was a further test by teh developer and he discovered a fail in Pages 4.3.01, it was therefore never pushed. There is a version 4.3.02 out there now, as well as the SLP 4.3.13 please update to those versions and let us know if that worked.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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