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    I currently have the free version of store locator plus installed on my site. I don’t mind paying for the plugin, I just wanted to see if i could use the free version first  before I pay for the plugin. Here is what I’m trying to do: I have a website with businesses and i want to set a marker for the business and pass this marker information over to an android app that i’m having developed. What i want to happen is while a user has the app installed on there phone, I want them to be notified of a business when they within a mile of the business. So is it possible to get the marker info from the plugin and pass it to the phone?


    Lance Cleveland

    Absolutely.  There is an old/outdated mobile apps guide that gives some hints.  The basic idea is to use the AJAX listener that is provided by the product to get location data back.  You need to send an AJAX-style query with radius, address, and other info and parse the JSON response.     Any half-decent app developer can “snoop” the XHR requests with a web browser and figure it out.   Nothing extra-magical about it for a half-decent code geek.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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