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    Searching by postcode (for example 4171 – which should be in Brisbane, Australia) moves the map to Europe. This is a new thing and was working in previous versions.

    Locations page:



    Please review the latest info about the Google MAP API and what is going on there. SLP does not actually do the search, that is a Google Map function. Google Maps have changed their algorithms. SLP developer is trying to stay one step ahead by adding work arounds to the situation.  We understand when our customers do an independent search using Google Maps from their Chrome or web  browser and it returns correct location most of the time based on what you searched. ….so it is assumed that the SLP plugin is to blame. In actuality, Google has two different algorithms for results returned….one for just them and them alone which they do not sell or license to any third party. including developers who purchase a commercial business license.

    FAQ Info about Map errors

    We tell everyone to have the search form be specific and have as much detail as possible.

    One of the work-arounds that SLP has is Append Search ( can be found as part of Enhanced Search), Google Influenced Guesses, that is part of Premier, Country  influence guesses, etc.

    INFO posts  for your reference. /why-do-store-locator-plus-search-results-keep-changing/




    P.S.  after looking at your site, you can use the center map at setting (unless you want the map of the whole world to appear on your page). Example : in the box under Experience, center map / add a location or lat.longtitude , perhaps somewhere central to the east cost of Australia and set your zoom levels accordingly,

    Your search box label is fairly generic. (address/zipcode) People of course will just put a zip code in rather than a city and zip or address and zip, we are lazy that way. You could have enhanced search and have a dropdown box or discrete search that will filter nbased on the locations in your database . This was another work around added.  See the Enhanced Search Documentation for more info


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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