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    Not at all urgent but an idea for the future…

    it would be nice if the viewer on the front end was able to toggle the cluster feature on or off, or change it’s radius to be broader.




    I do not know about having the front end user determining the cluster but it might be something useful to have in the back end so that you determine what “close proximity” is for you. I will mention it to Lance to see if it is a doable enhancement. Thanks for the ideas.




    Site vsitors can currently pick a radius from the drop down menu, you currently only have two radii options, 20 and 50…I use about 5 to choose from on my site . In the back end ,  put parentheses around the one I want to be the default.  I usually have 10 as default .  I would have more miles in the  drop down to choose from.. 5 ,(10),20,50,100,200… I noticed you have like 190 in one cluster..you wouldn’t want 190 markers crammed into a 20 mile square radius.  (I like your site btw.) http://locl.org/oxfordshire/map/

    If something like that gets into play it will probably be part of the MY Store Locator Plus  project.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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