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    Hi there,


    I need to create a simple directory that will allow zip code radius search for businesses, however I need to be able to “weight” businesses that have certain attributes. Such as business A is certified for “x” so the get weighted more and thus show up more often in results. Is this what the ranking feature allows?


    Thank you



    The plug-in Enhanced results has a Ranked Locations feature. This feature Adds a “rank” entry box that accepts an integer value. Use this field to further define your sort order using new result order settings.

    Enhanced Results provides an option to order results by Featured status and/or RANK. For instance:
    If you want locations “certified for x” to appear before others you can use the featured checkbox (if this is the only sort order metric) or the rank integer field.

    You can put “certified for x” locations as rank 10 and “certified for y” locations as rank 20, then set the results sort order to be by “Rank Then Distance”. All the locations with rank 10 will appear before those with rank 20.

    Essentially the rank becomes your weighting mechanism.

    Review the Video/ Documentation:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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