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    Hello. My Pro Pack is not activating & gives me the error, “Pro Pack Version 4.5 has been disabled. It is not compatible with version 4.5.07 of Store Locator Plus. Check the Store Locator Plus website for upgrade options.”

    Do I need to buy & reinstall the new $65 version of Pro Pack? I was under the illusion that version 4.5 which I initially bought was a one-time purchase with no future charge.

    Thank you.



    No, you just need to install the ProPack 4.5.07, you should be able to download it under your account… you do not need to pay for it again.

    Actually , ProPAck and SLP 4.5.08 is undergoing testing right now.





    Having the same problem here for the Pro Pack and Tagalong.

    So in my account there is two downloads for each:

    • Pro Pack – Pro Pac
    • Pro Pack – Pro Pack PRERELEASE (not for use on production systems)
    • Tagalong – Tagalong Add On Pack
    • Tagalong – PRERELEASE Tagalong (not for use on production systems)

    Do you want us to install the pre-release?
    I can’t install a non tested version on a client site. In addition what do you mean not for use on production systems?




    I also had this problem. I just downloaded the Pro pack file again in my account, and this was version 4.5.07. So that worked. In my account I also see the PRERELEASE version, but have done nothing with them.



    Just following up – I did the same as “cocreci” and it fixed the problem. I deleted the non-working plugin (just to get rid of it), then downloaded and reinstalled only the new/updated plugin, not the prerelease. Probably don’t need the following info, but for anyone else experiencing this problem, I downloaded the new/updated plugin through:>My Account>Downloads (after logging in, of course). Just click “download” on whatever plugin you need to reinstall, then upload & install it in the plugins dashboard on your site. Hope this works for you.



    The author wrote a post about this today:

    Store Locator Plus 4.5.08 And Related Changes






    Thanks Christian for verifying,

    Power add-on will be updated to 4.5.08 first as soon as the testing is finished.

    All of the featured add-ons that have the newer versions of the plugin add-ons available within them are worked on first,

    Next the two  individual current add-ons, and lastly the Enhanced or Legacy add-ons (Legacy add-ons are only updated if there is a major bug and will not be updated otherwise since they are combined in the Experience Add-on) .

    Some people had versions of SLP that were over 3 years old , without security or WP updates and maybe one or two old add-on packs.  Those will not be supported in the near future. (version  4.3 and below are not supported)





    I download the plug-ins from the site, and now it works.

    Though I wish you guys could spear us from doing the update manually. Why can’t we just have the option to update the add-ons directly from WP?





    @ Paula

    As you mentioned, when it says pre- release is not for use on production SITES  it means exactly as you have described. It is under going testing. Therefore if you have a live site in the public domain and you do not want to take a chance  then you should not use the Pre release  If you have a staging site or a dev site or a virtual site , we welcome all and any to test new pre releases.

    This serves two purposes, one is that you might be doing things differently than either I or the developer in his test suite that may cause issues.  We like to know about these before they are published for general population.  Second the more testing venues with more people who test it on their site (dev etc) the faster it gets proved and  released to production.

    Available  Download of any add-on is the latest ,  current versions.  There may have been a gap of a day between the SLP update and the add-on updates.  There were some important changes and bug fixes that needed to get pushed through on the base Plugin.

    It is recommended to ALWAYS have a back up of your site. The author and developer has posted info regarding Vagrant and  other back ups

    If you are not sure which version is now the production version refer to the versions page under the support tab on this site



    @ Paula

    It doesn’t show up in the WP updates because it is an update from the StoreLocatro Plus website , it is an Add-on and is not sold on the WP site and is not the free base plugin.  But Lance does add some triggers so the updater works (usually) whereas you can just click update now. There are times when it doesn’t show up as having that option.  It just depends on what is going on behind the scenes. Lance is working on a lot if updates right now. I will mention it to him again. Some days it shows up as an option to just update now and other times it doesn’t on my site as well The individual add-on packs need to be jump started because of the major changes in the SLP 4.5.07 and 4.5.08 base plugin that are being revamped to work with WPML and with the Featured add-ons Experience, Power and Premier.

    For instance when I deactivated my Power add-on I see this message (where I can just click on update now)  With ProPAck it would not let me do that because of the major changes that were made in 4.5.08 SLP

    Store Locator Plus – Power

    Activate | Delete

    Extends the Store Locator Plus plugin with features for the power user.

    Version 4.5.08-beta-01 | By Store Locator Plus | View details

    There is a new version of Store Locator Plus – Power available. View version 4.5.08 details or update now.





    Lance Cleveland

    @paula – the add on packs will update automatically via the inline WordPress updates *IF* the WordPress servers are not overloaded.

    WordPress only allows a limited time for all the plugins on your site to report back with any updates.

    They are processed in alphabetical order with any plugins that are hosted on the WordPress directory (the free plugins) FIRST.     Once WordPress reports back all of those updates it will then ask each of the servers for your paid plugins for any updates, again processing in alphabetical order.

    The time limit is normally around 60 seconds, depending on your server settings.  If the Pro Pack is the 15th plugin on your list with 10 WP-hosted plugins before it, and several other paid plugins from other vendors ahead of it your server may time out before it even asks the SLP update server if there is a new Pro Pack version available.

    Assuming the WP servers and all of your other paid plugin update servers are fast, you WILL get inline update notifications.      Based on my recent experiences with the WP servers themselves, this is not ALWAYS the case.  In fact I often miss language file or theme updates from the WP directory until days after they are released.


    Sometimes you can FORCE and inline update by checking off a specific plugin and going to “update” on the bulk action menu, but that is not 100% guaranteed either as the cache for that plugin must be expired (> 12 hours since the last successful update check).



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