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    Hi there! This plugin seems great, but I think something’s off with the way its appearing in my theme. I’m not completely inept with code but also not very experienced- if you can point me a direction I will hopefully be able to figure it out.

    I posted this in the support:
    I’m planning on purchasing the bulk import function if I can get this part figured out…

    I see you can change the width of the map, but the width of the other functions in the page where you place the shortcode appears wonky on my site.Here’s the site in question:

    I also saw there’s some options for CSS customizing. I’m not the most adept with CSS; can you point me in the direction where I can add a custom button for “find locations” and rollover color for the location links below the map

    Thank you in advance! I found your plugin from

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    Hi, First we would like to have your PlugIn environment as requested before Posting please read the  Posting Guidelines

    You need to have ProPAck , and depending on what other changes you want to change in the Layouts, possibly Enhanced Results, or Enhanced Map *(to change map info bubble layout). SLP Buyers Guide


    There are tutorial videos in the documentation, There is one about PlugIn styles I believe in the first few videos and another  about CSS customizing that is very useful, just look at the playlist to see which one you want to review, CSS is number 9 on the list I believe. There is also more information specifically to CSS in the DOCUMENTATION 

    There is a menu with table of contents on that page, there is also a search box


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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