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    We utilize the Real Estate Extender add-on for SLP. I read in another thread that this add-on is no longer supported. If we wish to continue using SLP (i.e., updating to latest version), what are our options for replacing the functionality of the Real Estate Extender?





    Hi Jed,

    Unfortunately, Real Estate Extender was developed by a third party developer and he no longer was interested in maintaining the add-on to keep it working properly within the Store Locator Plus environment.

    I am not sure which  features you are using in the  REX, but there are features in  Contact Extender, ProPack  (Part of Power add-on)  that could be used. There is also  Extended Data Manager by DeBaat

    Other features may be available in the Premier add-on.  If you could provide your plugin environment and site url I might be able to better assist you. (see Posting Guidelines)

    You also  may be  interested in considering a Custom solution , if the developer , author and owner of SLP  believes there is  a market, or if you wish to discuss further you may send an email through contact form.

    Real Estate Extender will work with the version of Store Locator Plus present at the time of your purchase, it just may not work with later updates


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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