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    While the location search portion of admin was broken, I have managed to get something goofed up. I needed to change some information about a location, but with search broken, I couldn’t access it. We have almost 10000 locations in our database, so I changed to number of locations shown to 10000. My plan was to wait for those 10000 locations to show up, then I would be able to see the location I wanted to change. However, the 10000 locations time out every time, and now that I have updated to today’s version, any time I click locations in the SLP menu in my website’s dashboard, it times out. How do I go about resetting this to 10 or 100 without being able to access the page?



    Randy, I have no idea what versions you are running, to better assist, provide the information /forums/topic/read-this-before-posting/

    or take a screen shot of your plugin environment page under the info tab and attach it.

    Visit the Store Locator Plus Release Notes page for the full change log.
    4.2.62 (2015-June)

    Fix: Manage locations search filter.
    Fix: Manage locations sort order.
    Enhancement: New installs with a single location will zoom out to show that location and the home marker at the center of the country.
    Enhancement: First map load (without search) will not display the home marker. Further control over this settings is provided by Store Locator Plus Release Notes page.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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