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    I have noticed this on the past few updates of SLP. I have created a custom CSS file which works perfectly and SLP detects and allows me to make the selection in admin. However the .css file is deleted whenever SLP updates and I have to reload via FTP. I followed the instructions (I believe) correctly.


    Retaining Themes
    You will not need to do anything special to retain your custom themes, unless you uninstall the plugin. Upgrading or patching Store Locator Plus will not overwrite your custom theme files assuming you created them with a new name. If you simply change an existing theme file it will likely be overwritten with our original copy when you upgrade.

    To prevent losing work when upgrading, I recommend creating your own CSS file names versus modifying the ones I provide.


    I have named the file – csl-slplus-bmeeatheme.css

    and edited the head stone to this.

    ** file: csl-slplus-bmeeatheme.css
    ** label: BMEEA Theme
    ** description: Designed to work with the Rocco theme from Muffin Group. Based on the Clean Simple White theme

    This was a modification of the Clean Simple White theme. Could this be the reason why is being removed during updates? I have attached the .css file as below.

    When I reupload it via FTP, SLP automatically selects and uses it without intervention.

    I have made it so it works better with the Rocco theme by Muffin Group, still need to make a few other modifications to it.

    Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?


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    I have this issue as well with a custom css file… every time there’s an update, I have to re-upload the css file and select it from the User Experience / View menu. Kindof a pain.



    Same issue here …custom CSS with custom filename, gets blown away with each update.

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